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Added value with licenses in the 190 billion euro food and beverage market. We always look forward to new challenges with you, and guiding you to the goal successfully with our expertise.

Managing Partner, Licensing

Michael Caudera

A License Specialist with decades of experience as a managing director and consultant for reputable companies in media, brands, personality and entertainment. He knows the prerequisites for success and the wishes of the licensor and licensee.

Managing Partner, Brand Management

Günther Nessel

A Brand Specialist focused on the food and beverage market. A founder of the agency taste. He is an insider in the field of brand management, brands and private labels

Managing Partner, Distribution

Torsten Hauschild

A Retail Specialist with the practical experience of a managing director of well-known retail companies. He knows the insights of the market and the people involved.


Let's succeed together with fresh ideas!